Welcome to our new website! We are excited to announce that BakeMoore From Scratch, LLC has transitioned into our parent company. Our new  Official Cookie Brands, CoMo Cookies and The Cookie Club are now open!

BakeMoore.com will feature up to date nutrition information, latest updates, share discounts and sales, feature products, our brands and more!

Here, you will get all of the REAL up to date details of starting a business and background on our company. We want to keep a transparent relationship with clients and followers in order to build trust. Follow our blog for Case Studies, Info on our Brands, Nutrition and Much More!

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What’s New??

Hello! We are excited to announce that BakeMoore From Scratch, LLC now has TWO new brands.

         Como Cookies represents our cookie brand that can be found both online and  coming soon to stores. You can purchase dozens of cookies online and have them shipped directly to your doorstep in a matter of days! We offer local delivery to Columbia MO and surrounding areas for events and fundraisers.

Visit comocookies.com today!

ChiTown Cookies was formed out of love and admiration for the city that raised me. Here you can find some unique flavor combinations, gift options, and platters for your special event. Let us handle your party of 1 or party over 100!

Visit Chitowncookies.com to order!



Latest News


June 29th, 2017

  • Products and Services: Since transitioning our BakeMoore to our parent company, we had to take it back to the basics! Check out this post for more information on our goals and brands! Click here to read more

June 27, 2017

  • Go Back to Your Doubts. Find Your WHY! 

Ever doubted yourself and felt a huge burden of taking on tasks? I have! Find out the WHY behind our company and my personal motivation. Click here to read more

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About Bakemoore Company

Mission Statement:  BakeMoore From Scratch LLC is an online bakery focused on small batches of baked goods made with simple, fresh, local and premium ingredients. We aim to provide the best online cookie brands to serve individuals and groups of people who share love for gourmet cookies.

At BakeMoore, we believe in balance, hard work, honesty, communication, feedback, meeting goals, quality and taste. There are no compromises.

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