Mission Statement:  BakeMoore From Scratch LLC is an online bakery focused on small batches of baked goods made with simple, fresh, local and premium ingredients. We aim to provide the best online cookie brands to serve individuals and groups of people who share love for gourmet cookies.

At BakeMoore, we believe in balance, hard work, honesty, communication, feedback, meeting goals, quality and taste. There are no compromises.

 Our Logos

bakemooreco, bakemoore,


The whisk icon represents the face of our brand. We wanted to convey a transparent, semi-sassy ;), hardworking and balanced icon. (She also has a sense of humor!)

Marketing Vision Statement: BakeMoore will provide customers with a variety of baked goods on a safe and secure ecommerce platform. We envision our online shopping experience to be easy, simple, fast and provide industry lead times when it comes to fresh, small batches.

Our Bakery

Our bakery mantra consists of 7 words:

Speed, competitive, simple, peaceful, natural, bold & active. 

All of our products are made with fresh, local, premium and natural ingredients. We do not use food dyes or preservatives in our baked goods. Sugar cookies and colorings may contain regular ameri-color food dyes unless we specify “Natural coloring” from fruits and vegetables.

Our Shirt Shop

The t shirts we offer are currently not for sale. Join our newsletter for the launch of new designs.

Email us with any other questions you may have.



Customer Service & Open Baking Hours


Monday-Friday 9 am-5pm cst

Saturday 11am-3pm